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More Tips For Bartenders

More Tips For Bartenders

This article is a continuation of Bartending Pro Tips Part 1: How to Make Money and Have Fun With a Career In Bartending

8. If there is trouble or violence try, at all costs, to avoid coming out from behind the bar.  Raise your voice and attempt to take control verbally, while you are dialing 911.  Many bars do not provide security.  A personal friend of mine came out from behind the bar and hit an assailant with a full bar bottle since the assault was against a woman.  That bartender (who owned the bar) is still in prison not because the bad guy died days later, but because the bartender “came out from behind the bar.”  

9. Tip jars are sort of an optional thing, depending on the type of bar.  If you follow the sort of relationship-building techniques I have suggested, then when your customer is cashing out it should be a face-to-face, handshake-to-handshake experience  They are a lot more likely to deal with you fairly (maybe show off a little bit

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