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Anyone have suggestions on operating an Irish Pub?

Question by John M: Anyone have suggestions on operating an Irish Pub?
Irish PubI’m buying a restaurant/bar and want to make it into an Irish Pub. Can someone direct me to useful sites for product, recipes or restaurant business suggestions?

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Answer by Little MIss Luscious
In my experiance…what makes a restaurant a success…
-Great service ESPECIALLY your bartenders. (don’t hire just anybody, be scrupulous here, mySpace is a GREAT way to check on potentials)
-Food of the best quality (doesn’t mean you have to spend alot, try standard Irish fair and comfort “pub” style foods first, then you can get fancy with specials.
-Find a great liquor “guy”. They will keep up with all of the new stuff that comes out. And really research your beers…you need to be authentic to call yourself “Irish”
-Lastly, be consistant. Don’t change things every week, develop your following.

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